Mung Beans Decorticator and Separating Machinery

Mung Beans Dehulling & Separating

Functions and Features:

The decorticating and separating equipment (TFD600) for mung beans is our company’s patented product with the independent intellectual property, which contains two national patents, and is a special decorticated mung beans. The equipment features the following characteristic: higher automatic degree, timing for processing, alarming by sound and light, parking and self-locking, higher percentage of decorticated beans, and better effect for decorticating.


The equipment consists of the input hopper, elevator, top-mounted trolley, grinder (4 sets), vibrating screen (2 sets), a sieve for sorting out bran and a separating sieve.


Feeding > Elevating > Conveying > Grinding > Vibro-Screening > Sorting out Bran > Separating > Peeled Beans

Technical Parameters:

  • Power :6.69kw (380v 3 phase 50Hz)
  • Output capacity: 300-350kgs/hour
  • % of ishell in final kernels: 2% max.
  • % of kernels in shells: 0.5% max.
  • % of whole kernels: 98% min.
  • Space occupied (sizing unit): 9.0m×2.5m
  • Operator: 2 workers