Pumpkin Seed Dehulling Machinery

Pumpkin Seed Dehulling & Separating Equipment

Functions and Features:

Pumpkin seed dehulling & separating equipment Model BGZ300 is a patented product of our company and is the independent intellectual property of our company. It contains 3 national patents. This equipment can dehull pumpkin seeds, guard seeds and squash seeds, separate shells from kernels, and re-separate your products.

It adopts a wet method for the dehulling process that makes a more efficient dehulling rate and lower broken rate. By improving on existing dehullers, it adopts a recycled dehulling process that allows the unhulled seeds to go back for recycled dehulling automatically. It adopts a negative-pressure method to suck the shells out instead of blow them out to reduce the dust quantity.· It also increases the distance and area of the separation screening, making seed-kernel separation work more thoroughly, thus reducing the percentage of broken kernals due to more kernels going back to dehullers for redehulling. The screening section is changeable as per the individual size of the pumpkin seeds.· Compact design, low loss of materials, and easy maintenance.

Improved-design of dehullers make the dehulling process more efficient Screen mesh made from punching works of premium quality cold rolled sheet,durable service. Prevent mesh from blockage due to the bouncing ball design.

A wider and longer screen design makes the seed-kernel separation work more efficiently. Vibrating and negative-pressure separation is used and the spiral discharging for shells makes collection the shells easier, meanwhile reducing the dust accumulation greatly during the process. The vibration source of the equipment adopts a vibratory motors design, features easy and quick installation, and no foundation work is required.


It consists of input hopper(1), bucket elevator(2), dehullers(3), electric control cabinet(4).

Technical Parameters:

  • Power: 8.19kw(380v)
  • % of whole kerenls:95% min. (kernels that are less than 1/2 whole kernels are brokens)
  • % of inshell in final kernels: 2% maximum
  • Input capacity: 200-300kgs/hour
  • Space occupied: 6.5m×2.9m
  • Height:3.5m
  • Weight:2.5mt