Hempseed Dehulling and Separating Equipment

Hempseed Dehulling & Separating Equipment ETM-DSHP3000L

Functions and Features:

The cleaning equipment for hempseeds before packing is our company’s patented product with independent intellectual property. It contains 4 national patents and is an advanced technology. It can be used to remove the various impurities especially pernicious impurities (such as stone, glass, metals and hair etc.) in hempseeds and meanwhile the percentage of broken hulls is adjustable, therefore it is an optimum final-cleaning equipment for hempseeds before packing. It features easy operation with the best cleaning result.


The equipment mainly consists of input hopper, 4 sets of circular-motion and vibrating cleaners to remove heavy debris with similar size and weight properties, vibrating suction cleaner, metal remover, laminated screen, 2 sets of combined spiral elevators and the electric control cabinet.


Feeding, elevating, and then cleaning broken hulls and heavy debris with similar size and weight properties for the 1st time.  Cleaning heavy debris with similar size and weight properties for the 2nd time, elevating, cleaning small impurities, light impurities and metals, then producing finished products.

Technical parameters:

  • Power: 10.34kw (380v 3 phase 50Hz)
  • Input capacity: 0.8-1mts/hour (varies with raw materials)
  • % of impurities after cleaning: 0.1% max. (free of hair, stones, glass and metals)
  • Space occupied:8.8m×5.5m
  • Height: 3.4m
  • Weight: 5.2mts